Gateway Conversations
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San Diego, CA  • Tijuana, B.C. • Julian, CA

April 28th - 30th, 2017


A letter from

James Hubbell

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Dear Friends,

Since our Foundation’s beginning, more than 33 years ago, we have been engaged in a conversation around the power of art to foster friendships and understanding among nations. Colegio la Esperanza in Tijuana, the seven Pacific Rim parks, and Ilan-Lael; each have created friendships and fostered conversations among diverse peoples and nations through art that transcends barriers.

2017 the Ilan-Lael Foundation picks up the torch from our friends in Jeju Island, S. Korea who last hosted our Pacific Rim Park family in 2013. Gateway Conversations, a series of events designed to show solidarity and support for international relationships we have nurtured around the art diplomacy of the Pacific Rim Parks.

We hope that Gateway Conversations may also help San Diego boldly take its place as a global city, built upon significant and wide-ranging educational, social, and cultural interactions with the highly diverse people of the broad Pacific basin.

There can be little doubt that we’re on the cusp of an important global opportunity. We hope you will join with us and share your enthusiasm and best thinking.
— Jim Hubbell
Jim Hubbell, Credit: San Diego Union Tribune

Jim Hubbell, Credit: San Diego Union Tribune

Our Sponsors

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In 1994, the Pacific Rim Park (PRP) and Ilan-Lael Foundation (ILF), under the artistic direction of artist James Hubbell, launched a global conversation between San Diego and Pacific Rim nations around the transformative power of art and the artistic process. Hubbell’s unique expression of art diplomacy resulted in public art parks built by an international contingent of architecture students in seven Pacific Rim cities.  Through these shared art-making experiences, the diverse people and nations of the Pacific transcended language barriers and cultural differences to explore and celebrate their common humanity.