Nathan Cool

Nathan Cool is a consulting meteorologist for Surfing Magazine specializing in the tracking of storms bringing weather and waves to regions across the Pacific. Cool has been a popular figure and forecaster in the California surfing community for the past 20 years and has been featured in a number of periodicals including LA Magazine, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, the Ventura County Star, the Santa Barbara Independent, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Having also a 30 ­year background in software engineering, Cool has written automated wave prediction software, and participated as a senior engineer on the NOAA Weather Radio project to enhance the NWS alert system. Combined with his extensive experience tracking Pacific storms and weather patterns, Cool has also been recognized as a reliable source for reporting on the impacts of our changing climate.

Cool is the author of Is it Hot in Here ­­ The simple truth about global warming, and is a regular guest lecturer at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where he addresses environmental science classes on the topics of climate change and wave prediction. Cool gives talks to organizations and interest groups as well on the topics of our world's oceans, climate change, El Niño, and their impacts on health, safety, and local economies.

Nathan Cool is also passionate about the arts and is an avid photographer. He currently resides in Newbury Park, CA.

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